Room 508 Part 2: "The Affluent American"

Episode 5 · November 27th, 2014 · 50 mins 56 secs

About this Episode

Room 508

Abandoned by opera singer May Emmers, private eye Cole Spence on the hunt of elusive jewel thief the Catchman received a mysterious phone call that offers a cryptic name and possible lead.
In This Episode:
Aviva Siegel as May Emmers
Scott Vermiere as Cole Spence
Les Milton as Rupert Mullen
Clara Bijl as Brigitte DeMont
Molly Benson as Elizabeth Harrison
Paco Romane as Frederico
Thaddeus Ellenburg as The Shopkeep
Thomas Bridgman as The Waiter
& Ron Chapman as The Narrator
Written & Directed by Thaddeus Ellenburg
Produced by Will Scovill
Original Theme by Nick Stargu
Original Artwork by Justin DeVine