Room 508 Part 1: "To Catch A Catchman"

Episode 4 · November 23rd, 2014 · 48 mins 7 secs

About this Episode

Room 508

American private detective Cole Spence drafts Hollywood’s fat lady turned opera singer May Emmers to help him track down The Catchman, Europe’s most notorious jewel thief.
In This Episode:
Aviva Siegel as May Emmers
Scott Vermiere as Cole Spence
Ron Lynch as Ron Salazar
Jesse Elias as The Baggage Handler
Thaddeus Ellenburg as The Steward
Thomas Bridgman as The Cab Driver, Harry, The Waiter & The Man on the Phone
Molly Benson as Lucienne Perrot & Olivia Bedford
Paco Romane as Thomas Bedford
Les Milton as Rupert Mullins
Clara Bijl as Brigitte DeMont
and Ron Chapman as The Narrator
Written & Directed by Thaddeus Ellenburg
Produced by Will Scovill
Original Theme by Nick Stargu
Original Artwork by Justin DeVine